Christmas Fairytale Wedding in Seattle || Kristina and Nate Married

My wonderful, beautiful and very funny niece wanted this Christmas Fairy Tale Wedding and she got one by marrying this fully devoted to her and God guy.

Kristina and Nate met at City Church while attending their internship program and learning who Got is and who they are in Him. I bet both of them had other plans when they began the school; however, as we all know, God always knows best!

I’ve seen them grow in their love and preparing for their Big day. I’ve been thrilled when they asked me to take their engagement photos and document their wedding. Their love is so evident and beautiful that it kind of draws you in and touches the deepest rooms in your heart. Although they are not so similar in showing emotions (Kristina being more open, conversant and funny where Nate is more reserved but with very distinct and sharp sense of humor… interesting, right?), they are very much in unity in everything they do and talk. Ah, it’s just enticing!

We started our day at the Plato Campus, where both bride and groom were getting ready, taking their “before” photos (before they see each other; they were very “southernly” traditional about it since Nate is from Louisiana and wanted to be conservative about this.) Their ceremony and reception was also held at the campus, which had a lot of room for everything they needed it for. The fun part began when we left the campus and went Downtown Seattle!

It was particularly cold day (I believe it was the coldest day in December) and the evening was just Freezing!!! But! Kristina wanted night photos with all the lights and Christmas feel so bad that it didn’t stop her from doing just that. What could I do but play along?! 🙂 Although my fingers were threatening me to fall off I stood my grounds and kept clicking away the best moments of the newlyweds day. The adrenaline rush kept them warm and alive! 🙂

Enjoy the photos just as I was enjoying capturing them… .

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