Freeway Park Engagement Session || Nathan & Kristina

I can hardly describe my excitement about sharing these photos with you today. Why? Because my niece said “yes” and is getting married to this rugged handsome Louisiana boy. September is still warm and inviting and it doesn’t feel like the Autumn is just around the corner. It’s favorite month among the engaged to get married. Well, it’s too early for these two though 🙂 Their wedding will be in December just right around Christmas time and I am already anticipating and getting impatient for their Grand Day! I know it will be Gorgeous. But fist things first. Engagement!

Kristina and Nate took me to a Freeway Park in Seattle to take some of their engagement photos. Then we walked a short distance to exceptionally beautiful St. James Cathedral to capture some more. I love Seattle with its eclectic sites. You can find here anything… and I mean it: a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! There are romantic parks with lots of flowers, greenery and ornate benches, graffiti walls with monster sculptures and rough looking pavements, historic sites with old worn out buildings and some great looking statures, modern glass and iron parks… There is Pike Place Market and Space Needle, for holy sakes! Yes, I love Seattle and would not want to move anywhere else.. not in this lifetime at least. 🙂

Let’s just enjoy the photos I took of these lovebirds.

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