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We are enjoying the sunshine in Greater Seattle! Do you? 🙂 As a family, we love to explore new places and walk trails. This one, actually, isn’t new place to us, but we still love it just because it’s not far away from where we live. We just wanted to open the “trail walk” season at Meadowdale Park, Edmonds. Our oldest kids couldn’t come with us, but the three of us (Paul, Sam and I) had fun!

The weather!!! It’s beautiful: warm enough not to wear the annoying jackets! and cool enough to walk (read exercise.) The trail path lays in between thick and breathtaking woods. Since I took the camera with me, the walk took us longer.. but we weren’t in a hurry. We were enjoying the walk and talked all the way down to the Puget sound.

I took so many photos, but as always sharing only the best ones:

That’s how we started: while my husband parked the car & Sam was walking around, I laid down to take few photos of the little flowers (love detail shots!)Came all the way down to the water. I wouldn’t say the water was icy cold, which is very surprising simply because we didn’t have enough sunshine to warm it through.On our way back, I saw this gorgeous scenery: tall trees & bluest sky ever! Then it was this little house surrounded by beautiful red maple trees (if you didn’t know you’d never guess that is just a simple ranger’s office/shelter.)

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