Here are some common questions that most clients have:

1. What should I expect from a portrait session?

A lot of fun! I love photographing my clients on location, where they’re the most comfortable.  Most clients pick their location themselves: the ones that are closer to their hearts and souls because of the unforgettable memories or a good fit to their personalities & creative ideas, etc. I can suggest few locations, too making sure they will fit your style and your look the best!

2. What if I am not photogenic and I don’t know how to pose?

I hear this question all the time. Some times it’s not even a question; it’s a statement: “I am not photogenic!” The reason you think you aren’t is simple: You’ve never been photographed by a good professional photographer, who knows her job and knows how to direct and pose her clients! I always direct my clients (especially women and girls)  as how to situate themselves and to look as natural as possible in the most flattering way. All girls (and some boys :)) want to look fabulous, so together we create the look and atmosphere to capture their day, which they will remember for years to come.

Cover girl look? Magazine style? Victoria Secret? What else? You’ve got it!

3. How long is the session and where it will be held?

It really depends on the creative aspect of the photo session. Any photo session lasts from 1 hour to 2 hours and held at the location of your choice. The place could be either urban, rural, or beach – it all depends on what you would love to see in your photos! I am here to help and suggest places if you’re not sure where you’d love photos taken.

4. Do you do engagement sessions?

I do! In fact, I love photographing engagement sessions and they are included in most of my wedding packages free of charge. I would certainly love to know my couples before the wedding day to put both of us at ease on the big day. Couples usually feel more comfortable with the photographer they already know, so let us get together for a cup of coffee and talk about your plans!

5. What should I/we wear for the photo session?

Every session with me include free consultation (in-person, phone, or e-mail, or even skype!)

If you are unsure what clothes to choose for your photo session, I have an article just for you! If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, I would love to help you or even shop with you.
Few words about hair and make up: if you color your hair, I strongly suggest to color it prior the photo shoot. On the day of your session I recommend getting your hair and make up done professionally. For an additional charge, I can provide both. I work with vendors that do amazing job!

6. Do you offer printing services, like wall portraits and holiday cards?

Yes! I offer gallery wraps (single and collections), wall portraits, books (albums), metal prints, holiday/announcement cards, storyboard, etc. After your photo session you’ll have chance to order many beautiful things. I do create any type of cards for clients.  These are custom designs and I always create them from scratch so that they are unique to you and your images.

7. Are digital images included in the portrait collection?

I do include digital images in most of my collections. They will be the same images that you order as prints (gallery wraps (canvases), prints, and albums [all the images that will be in the album will be yours in digital format] etc.) These would be awesome to play on your digital frames and/or share with your friends/relatives.

8. I would love to book session with you!

Awesome! Contact me, I’d love to hear about you and your ideas. Ask anything you want to know!