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Last week we, THE FAMILY, visited one of the largest car collections in the North West (located just right next to the Tacoma Dome), LeMay’s America’s Car Museum. Its huge territory is covered by the cars one may have never seen in his or her life. When we got our admission tickets, the lady said: Have fun in our four-story building! Here I am thinking we will walk around for maybe an hour maximum only because I took camera with me :). But we ended up spending there four full hours walking around and exploring the most exquisite automobiles from the beginning of the 20th century until now. I think the oldest car was from 1903 and it was gorgeous motorized carriage; the newest was this sleek mind-blowing body of 2011.

I loved spending time around art that I will never be part of making, but I am adoring the people who started the car industry. Yes, I think technology and art really go hand in hand together, and I wouldn’t be who I am to day, the artist, the photographer if it wasn’t for my love for technology and art. So I chose to be a photographer and graphic designer – these two is the perfect combination of art and technology, which I am passionate about.

During our walk around the museum I took A LOT of photos and I could’ve taken more. I didn’t photographed every car although all of them were beautiful things. These are just highlights for you to enjoy and make you want to go there and take a look at them yourself! 🙂

Because of some event taking place that weekend, some cars from the top floor were moved outside:

The rest of the cars were inside. Enjoy the ride 🙂


And then… we saw THIS…  a freaking FLINTSTONES car!??!!? Among all the gorgeous cars, among the beautiful artwork this joke is standing here! I should admit it’s pretty cool thing. 😀


Of course boys are boys and they need to play cars :). Racing cars! They got 10 minutes to play and boy; I thought it’s not going to end, but for them the time flew as if they’ve played only a minute. What can I say? Boys!

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