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This morning all Seattleites woke up to the most gorgeous and unbelievable view: SNOW!!! If you forgot, today is March 22nd, the second day of spring. :D.. This is unreal, unexpected …well, almost.. the forecast lady predicted the possibility of snow storm in yesterday news, but most of us, normal people, could not, would not believe such a news, of course, IT’S SPRING! Who would think of such outrageously crazy weather on second day of March?!?

Nonetheless, it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Being a creative person all the way, I just could not loose the possibility to photograph it before it melted. The trees, the newborn buds of future blossoms, the grass, EVERYTHING was covered by thickest (for Seattle) layer of heavy and flaky snow.. As my husband, our Am Staff Daisy, and I were walking around neighborhood, our boots and paws were drowning in the fluff of cotton white snow. By the time we come home the sun picked through the clouds, the sky cleared and the morning beauty started to melt in front of our eyes…

Love of my life, my best friend, my comrade….

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