Sunny Seattle Engagement: Sofiya & Andrew || Seattle Engagement Photographer

My heart could burst with thankfulness for my job. I know I say it all the time, but I feel so grateful for the opportunity to know these beautiful people. Plus, Sofiya is my niece, so does it get any better knowing that my own people recognize my art and want to have beautiful photos for the rest of their life? It’s great!

Marriage is so much more than a day you don a gorgeous gown, say a few words, eat some cake and party. It’s about committing your life to someone. It’s saying, “I’m with you no matter what, through thick and thin and my heart is pledged to you forever.” It’s a representation of Christ and his bride, the Church. It’s laying down your life and serving your spouse selflessly. It’s when God unites two people and makes them one. That’s a pretty big deal. My couples get that. They understand what marriage means, even in today’s culture. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to find that these days. I don’t really cry much, but I do at the weddings I shoot because they are just so beautiful. I don’t cry over the pretty dresses or the decor, but over the love that is so real and tangible. I cry over the love stories that God has written.

Sofiya and Andrew’s Wedding is next Sunday! I am ecstatic for my niece’s big day and for this great couple to be finally together for the rest of their lives…

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